Info & Rules

Please read carefully:

  • Perform the COVID pre-assessment (same as used for school) prior to arrival for soccer. Link to checklist is available on the right of this home page. Per the NS Health guidelines if you answer YES to any of the sections your player should remain home.
  • Players are to arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to start time, enter the field from the track side (as you enter the facility, go left down hallway past the locker rooms) and line up on the track along the outside wall to allow room for other facility users (6 feet spacing!) until the coach advises that you can go on the field. Coaches/helpers will verify with each player that the COVID pre-assessment was done & will be taking attendance for COVID contact tracing purposes so please ensure your player knows to check-in when they arrive at the field.
  • Sessions will wrap up after 55min to allow for sanitization, players will use a separate exit through the door to the left of the big net (not the double doors behind the net) & will exit into the foyer. We ask that adults be on time for pick up & not congregate in the foyer of HBSSC, please wait outside or in your car. Players should not wait in between the doors or outside in cold/dark, they can stay in foyer (with spacing) until their lift is there.
  • Change into cleats on the track. Adults can accompany a player to help with cleats on the track, not in the foyer.
  • 6 feet social distancing must be followed at all times. No hangouts, chit chat sessions, waiting for your player,etc, in the foyer or in between the doors. At pick up time, adults are asked to wait outside & when you see your player you can go in & bring them outside while maintaining proper distancing & wearing a mask.
  • Sanitize hands upon entry. There is a sanitization station as soon as you enter HBSSC, please use it!
  • Remind your player to not share water bottles, squirt water onto the field/others, spit on the field, wrestle on the get the idea!
  • Players should ask permission from the coaches to use the washroom as the facility only allows one person at a time, and masks must be worn
  • All players need to wear shin pads, soccer (long) socks, & soccer cleats (Minis can wear running shoes). HBSSC has a bin of gently used soccer gear that you can access during facility hours
  • Payment notices have been emailed out. If you did not receive an email or there is an error please contact An in-person payment date for cash/cheques will be set up soon, an email will go out with details. Coaches cannot accept payment.
  • Additional volunteer help needed! In addition to our awesome volunteer coaches & helpers we also need support to help check players in/take attendance & on field support (shoe tying, washroom escorts, keeping players on task, coat & boots, exit monitors, etc...). If you are able to help out please send a note to

Important HBSSC Facility Rules (100% Compliance or our programming is at risk of being cancelled):

  • Masks are mandatory in facility
    • Masks can be removed in the activity area but when entering the common areas masks must be worn, even for washroom breaks
    • This applies to players & adults. There is a limited supply of masks at the front desk if one is forgotten. Masks must be worn to/from the field & includes bathroom breaks. P.S. pulling your shirt up over your mouth/nose does not count as a mask.
    • SSU note: please have your player put their mask in a little bag or pocket of jacket/sweater so we do not have masks laying around the track or field
  • No Spectators (upstairs or downstairs)
    • Maximum facility capacity is 150 and this only allows for participants. If you want to walk and watch you can register at the front desk and pay $2.00 to use the track but must be walking, no leaning against the fence & watching or sitting on the metal bleachers. There are resting wooden benches that can be used for small breaks.
  • No Outdoor footwear on tracks
    • Please change shoes before going on track or field
  • Fountain is Closed
    • Please bring own water bottle
  • Locker Rooms Closed
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations
    • There are 3 sanitation stations one by front door, one by front counter and one upstairs by stairwell

Any question or concerns please contact